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Handmade 12-oz, 20-oz, 28-oz,100% Soy Wax Apothecary Jar Candles

Amazing candles!!

Handmade 12-oz, 20-oz, 28-oz,100% Soy Wax Apothecary Jar Candles
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A Wonderful Apothecary Jar! Great addition to any decor. This candle is double wicked. Choose from our over 30 fragrances.

Scent Name, Candle Color, Scent Throw, Scent Description

Apple Jack & Peel Red Moderate A strong version of the CB's dupe. A great blend of apples, oranges, and other spices!

Baked Apples Red Strong A warm, juicy aroma of apples and spicy cinnamon simmering in a warm oven! Great Throw!

Banana Nut Bread Yellow Strong The traditional Banana Nut Bread aroma, smells like it is taken straight from the oven.

Blueberry Muffins Blue Strong The strong traditional Blueberry Muffins fragrance. This scent will fill your home with a wonderful aroma! Blueberry Bliss!

Caramel Nut Cluster Rust Strong A hearty blend of gooey hot caramel and fresh roasted peanuts! Amazing throw!

Carrot Cake Rust Moderate Smells just like fresh baked carrot cake! Savor all of the wonderful spices!

Cinnamon Bun Brown Moderate The best Cinnamon Bun we have found. The aroma of fresh baked cinnamon buns. Yummy!

Creme BruleeWhite Strong The aroma of a rich creamy creme brulee dessert sprinkled with slivers of chocolate.

EucalyptusGreen Strong A medicinal type scent known to aide with sinus relief. A strong, fresh eucalyptus plant.

Evergreen Pine Green Moderate True to its name, smells like a fresh pine tree. Evergreen aroma that is a great seller through the year. Robust Pine!

Fresh Linen Blue Strong Strong, fresh- clothesline/dryer scent reminiscent of clean linen. Throws Great!!

Fresh Roasted Coffee Brown Moderate For those that love the smell of Fresh Roasted Coffee- you won't be able to tell the difference!

Gingerbread Cookies Brown Moderate A sweet, soothing aroma of fresh baked gingerbread cookies straight from the oven. Simply mouthwatering!

Green Apple Green Moderate The tangy sweet aroma of a fresh picked green apple! Fresh and exhilarating fragrance!

Happy Birthday Cake White Moderate The perfect aroma of White Birthday Cake, celebrate your birthday everyday!

Key Lime Pie Green Strong Wonderful lime citrus aroma, smells just like a yummy Key Lime Pie.

Lemon Gumdrops Yellow Moderate An inviting sweet and tart aroma of Lemon Gumdrop candy sprinkled with sugar. A powerful uplifting scent!

Lilac Blossoms Purple Strong A true Lilac aroma with green undertones. Spring blossoms that are fragrant and true!

Lily of the Valley White Moderate A strong, crisp, fragrant aroma of the Lily of the Valley flower with green notes. A beautiful floral!

Macintosh Apple Red Strong Just like the real thing! Tart and Sweet Red Apple!

Melon Mist Pink Moderate A wonderful mystic blend of melons such as watermelon, canteloupe, and honeydew. A unique blend that is addicting!

Mulberry Red Moderate The wonderful traditional Mulberry aroma. Great for anytime of the year!

Mulled Cider Red Moderate Perfect blend of apple cider, vanilla, and cinnamon. A warm and flowing aroma!

Orange Blossoms Orange Moderate A strong fresh floral aroma of opening orange blossoms. Wonderful!

Peanut Butter Cookies Rust Moderate Smells like you are baking a fresh batch of peanut butter cookies. A rich peanut butter aroma, Yum!

Peppermint Red Strong Very powerful peppermint aroma. Throws Great!

PlumeriaPurple Moderate A very strong plumeria floral. You will be amazed how powerful this aroma is! Wonderful scent!

S'moresBrown Moderate A rich strong blend of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham. Smells like a yummy S'mores!

Spring Rain Green Moderate A wonderful aroma of fresh rain in the springtime. Classic scent with perfume undertones. Throws great!

Teaberry Green Moderate Spicy blend of wintergreen with a touch of mint and cinnamon. Wonderful!

Toasted Almond & Cherries Red Strong A uplifting blend of Almond and Cherries. Strong, fresh scent!

True Lavender Purple Strong True Lavender aroma. Smells just like the real thing!

Vanilla Bliss White Strong After 3 years of testing, we finally found a VERY strong vanilla. A straight vanilla with sugar undertones. Lingers forever!


**NOTE- It is normal that 100% Soy Candles may have a snowflake/frosting look in the summer months if choosing candles with color (the look is caused by humidity). This does not affect the quality or burning of the candles.**

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